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Genre of Birthday Wishes as an Epideictic Speech

This article considers the connection between the speech genre of birthday wishes and the rules of epideictic speech, linguistic actualization of wishes, their semantic peculiarities, and their link to professional and social status of the speaker, his/her age, values, and relationships of the speaker and the birthday person.

Non-Native Accent Placement Choice Strategy in the Conditions of Natural and Artificial Bilingualism

The article discusses the phonetic research of intonation nucleus location in the English speech of the Mexicans learning English in the conditions of natural linguistic environment, and in the speech of the Russian learners who find themselves in the situation of artificial bilingualism.

Transformation of Phraseological Units in Newspaper Journalism: Characteristic Aspects of the Genre

The article reveals the dependence of phraseological unit transformation on the newspaper article genre; the frequency, ways of transformations, and the stylistic functions of the transformed phraseological units in different genres are considered.

Anthropocentric Character of Intensifying Adjectives in Russian Language

Anthropocentric character of the clauses with intensifying adjectives in Russian language is described.

Legal Reasoning and Language Technique of the Main Part of the Court Sentence

The article gives practical recommendations on the composition of the main part of the court sentence, which allow to develop skills of presenting the facts of the case and relevant evidence explicitly and precisely.

The Issue of the Evolution of Languages in a Multiethnic Area of the Tyumen Region: to the Statement of the Problem

The authors consider the problem of languages’ functioning in the context of the evolution of linguistic personality. This approach allows us to understand the evolution of the development of modern linguistic personality in a multi-ethnic nature of globalization.

Usage of Addressing Tactics in Russian and British Newspaper Articles about Culture

The article is dedicated to the investigation of print media texts. Various tactics of addressing as an expression of the interactive character of newspaper texts are considered. An attempt to compare the usage of various addressing tactics in Russian and British press is undertaken in this research.

Expediency and Efficacy of Using Language Game in High School Teachers’ Speech from the Students’ Point of View

The article examines the problem of the use of language game in high school teachers’ speech in communication with the students. The conclusions drawn in the article are founded on the analysis of the results of the questionnaire which had been held among the students of Saratov State University.


The article deals with the evolution of the morphological system of the Greek language. it was established that the Greek morphology in the process of historical development retained the role of a means of realizing the species opposition, lost its structural hierarchy, developed the unity of the positional system in the sphere of vocalism and consonantism, narrowed the lexical filling of the vocal alternations and expanded the regularity of the consonant


The article gives an overview of modern definitions of synaesthesia, analyzes the methodology for investigating the phenomenon, proposes a classification based on a combination of linguistic, psychological, and cultural approaches.