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The article is devoted to the consideration of the concepts of the seasons in Russian and English linguoculture in religious and symbolic aspects. Religious and symbolic components are found mainly in the associative layer of concepts. The presence of associations of a religious nature testifies to the essential role of religion in the formation of a national vision of the world. Symbolism contributes to a deeper penetration into the culture of the people, its mentality, belief system.



The penetration of the Internet into all spheres of human life necessitates the study of Internet communication, as communication, forming and developing according to its rules. The article analyzes the functioning of prohibitory statements, and lists features of Internet communication that affect the reduction in the degree of directness and categorical prohibitions in the space of forums.


Adverbial Constructions in the Aspect of Communicative Sentence Structure

The article is dedicated to the examination of adverbial constructions in the aspect of communicative sentence structure in modern fiction and press

Politeness vs. Impoliteness in the Responses to the Requests

The article studies the addressee’s responses to the requests from the point of view of politeness/impoliteness. The authors analyze linguistic and extra-linguistic factors which allow them to treat the responses as either polite or impolite.

Conceptual Framework for the Optimization of Verbal and Non-verbal Business Communication Opportunities

The article examines the theoretical aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication. The author shows the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication in the modern world. It is shown that verbal and non-verbal components are inextricably linked. The author comes to the conclusion about the necessity of optimization of verbal and nonverbal means of influence in business communication.

On the Names of Grain and Milk Dishes in Some Modern Dialects of Ryazan Region

The article deals with the description of one of the fragments of the food stock-list in the dialects of Sarajevo district of Ryazan region. The research presents a linguistic description of the names of grain and milk dishes. This work continues the studies of Ryazan dialects, the materials of which provide an important source for researching the development of lexical dialect system.

World of Feelings and Personal Qualities in the Colour Characteristics (based on the Russian and English languages)

The article applies to compare the color characteristics that indicate the person’s character, personality, expression of feelings and emotions in languages with different structures. It presents the analysis of the model of linguopsychic human world through the prism of color, characterizes it as a special biosocial phenomenon and identifies both similarities and differences in the distribution of color means of expressing feelings and personal qualities considered in both languages.

The Addressee Role in Multidimensional Prosess of Communication (in the Interview Genre)

In the article the multidimensional process of communication is considered in the light of spatial relationship of communicants and the types of addressees in the interview genre; it is attempted to create a molecular 3D model of communication.

Modal Specificity of the Russian Hand-Written Newspaper Vesti-Kuranty (News-Chimes)

The article deals with specificity of language modality realization in the texts of the Russian hand-written newspaper Vesti-Kuranty (News- Chimes). The peculiarities of functioning of propositional modality explicators (objective and situational modality) which create an objective basis of the information messages in newspaper texts are established; modal-evaluative semantic meanings and ways of their realization are revealed; the mechanism of objective-modal and subjective-modal meanings interaction is analyzed.

Problems of Contrastive Analysis of Persons’ Nomination Semantics in the Light of Aspect Approach to its Description (on the Material of the Russian and English Languages)

The aim of this research is to determine the national specific features of the semantics of persons’ nominations in the Russian language and their corresponding English translations via contrastive method application. The present research of persons’ nominations is performed within the aspect approach to their semantics on the level of micro components of their meaning in the process of denotative, connotative and functional macro components’ description. The results of similar researches may be used in compiling a new type of contrastive dictionaries.