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Linguistic Terms of Latin Origin: Etymology or Derivation?

The article highlights differences between root morphemes and radixoids of Latin origin in the structure of linguistic terms and specific units of term formation – term elements.

Communicative and Discoursive Aspect of the Study of the Symbol of Culture (based on the novel «The Joy Luck Club» by Amy Tan)

The article discusses the issues related to the problems of communicative-discoursive variation of symbols of culture in the fictional text. The material of the research is the novel «The Joy Luck Club» by the modern American writer of the Chinese origin Amy Tan.

Semantic Classes of Verbal Predicators in Sentences with Adverbial Complicators

The article is dedicated to the examination of semantic classes of verbs in sentences with adverbial complicators and to the special features of their co-occurrence with some semantic groups of adverbial complicators.

Blending from the Aspect of Cognitive-Communicative Paradigm

The paper considers the cognitive-communicative nature of blending (contamination), as a word-formation process. Blending is characterized by the combination of mental spaces in one-word motivated signs, accompanied by their semantic laconic brevity, fullness and a great potential of expressiveness.

«Phraseologisation» of Advertising Space, or a Play with the Lingvocultural Consciousness of Advertising Consumers

This article presents an analysis of phraseological units within the framework of advertising discourse. It examines the transformation of phraseological units in terms of both external and internal form. In addition to the substitution of the original components, their syntactic structure may also undergo changes, as well as their internal semantics, which directly touches upon the issue of meaning interpretation.

Conceptual Derivation as a Cognitive Basis of Forming the Semantics of Lexicalized Forms of Plural Forms of Nouns

The article deals with the study of cognitive nature of lexicalization of plural forms of nouns. The author analyzes the role of metonymy in formation of new meanings and suggests the classification of metonymical models of lexicalization.

Evolution Factors of the Communicative Sphere in Lower Brittany

In this article the factors promoting the replacement of the Breton language and the change of a communicative situation in Lower Brittany in the XIX–XXth centuries are analyzed. The principles of language policy of France, forms and consequences of the introduction of general school education, as well as the importance of the world wars for the unification of the communicative space of the region are described.

The Notion of Subject of Perception in the Language and Text Anthropology

The article focuses on the analysis of perception situation models in language and text. The subject of perception modeling in language semantics and in a literary work is not only the manifestation of the language and literary thought anthropocentrism but one of the ways of learning and philosophical understanding of the phenomenon of a human being, determination and unity of his spiritual and physiological nature.


This article examines the role of the thematic context in the study of the historical development of the semantics of lexical units. The subject of analysis is the functioning of the lexemes of the moral and ethical sphere in medieval English religious discourse.


The article discusses the issues of linguistic law operating under the difficult conditions of the multinational and multilingual structure of Swiss society. Particular attention is paid to the peculiarities of conflict regulation, which sometimes arise in the opposite interests of different social groups in the country.