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The Reference of a French Temportal Adverb Maintenant in Situational Aspect

The article is devoted to language units possessing vague semantics and to actualization of their meanings in situations. It deals with the concept of situation itself, gives different approaches to its investigation, as well as provides a classification of referential meanings of the temporal adverb maintenant.

Clichés and Officialeses in Publicistic Text as a Translation Problem

In the article clichés and officialeses are considered as the problems encountered in the translation of the journalistic style texts (topical articles). The main transformations in the sphere of clichés are revealed to have been determined by the changes of the text pragmatic aspect.

Cognitive and Linguistic Characteristics of Naming a Person by a Perceptive Action

Based on the material of the analysis of how the units naming persons by perceptive actions function, the article offers the interpretation of some peculiarities inherent to this group of words, as well as to the whole category of person naming which is distinguished, as compared to other types of naming, by linguistic and cognitive principles of origin and development.

Semantic Field «Family» in Russian and English Idiom (Semantic and Cognitive Aspects)

In this article the main trends of the usage of the semantic field «family» in the forming of Russian and English idioms are analyzed; cognitive fundamentals of this process are distinguished.