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Thematic Organization of Dialect Speech: Quantitative Analysis

The article is dedicated to the study of thematic organization of the dialect text by the allocation of lexico-thematic groups and their quantitative analysis.

The Status of Modern German in Tomsk Educational Sphere in the Context of Americanization

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the status component of modern German in the educational sphere of the city of Tomsk. Registered decline of this language is determined by the tendencies to Americanization, by the recognition of English as the only foreign language, and by the democratization of cultural and language policy in the post-war Federal Republic of Germany.

Contrast Functioning in Political Discourse Depending on Non-subject Extra-linguistic Factors

The realization of different kinds of contrast and its dependence on non-subject extra-linguistic factors are studied on the basis of famous politicians’ speeches. Three stable statistical dependencies between the functioning of contrast and extra-linguistic factors of space, social activity and the history of society are distinguished. It has been established that the change in quantitative parameters of the latter is inversely related to the complexity of contrast-containing sentences.

The Principles of Adapting Spoken Informal Discourse into the Written One: Working with the Semantically Devoid Elements

The article focuses on the question of working with the semantically devoid elements when adapting spoken discourse into written. The author distinguishes functions with which semantically devoid elements can be endowed in the spoken variant of the memories under research, as well as the reasons of their being preserved in the written text or their elimination in processing. Possible principles were revealed by which an editor is guided upon an encounter with every case of author’s usage of semantically devoid elements.


Magical realism is the original direction of Latin American literature of the 20th century, which has a peculiar conceptual system. In the works of magical realism, in an organic combination of elements of reality with fantastic and mythological motifs, the "miraculous" reality of the continent is reflected. In an effort to identify and establish the identity of the culture of Latin America, writers consciously select and modify the folk-mythological Indian and Negro substrate.


Автор статьи приводит результаты лингвистического анализа структуры и содержания спортивных чат-интервью, опубликованных на франкоязычных сайтах Канады.


Does Gender Influence the Use of Discursive Words? (On the Material of the Written Scientific Discourse)

In the article the results of the research of gender specific use of different kinds of discursive words in the written scientific discourse are given. Gender differences have been marked in all groups of discursive words except for the organisational and structural units.

Some Peculiarities of Structure, Semantics and Functioning of Adverbial Complicators in Business Language

The article is dedicated to examining the peculiarities of structure, semantics and functioning of adverbial complicators in business language. The author argues that the style type and the text genre have a significant impact on the choice of adverbial complicators, their semantics and functions.

Syntactic Signs of the Typical Proposition «the State of Nature Manifested by the Movement of Objects» in the Russian Language

The article describes different sentences with the meaning «the state of nature manifested by the movement of objects» from two perspectives: structural (the structural schemes of the simple sentences are analyzed as signs of the typical proposition) and semantic (utterances are classified on the ground of the differences in the meanings).