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IX International Scientific Seminar “The Development of the Word-Formation and Lexical System of the Russian Language”

 The article is an overview of the two-day sessions of the IX International Scientifi c Seminar “The Development of the Word-Formation and Lexical System of the Russian language”, which was held at Saratov State University on October 30–31, 2023. The seminar was attended by derivatologists from Saratov, Moscow, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Donetsk, Samara, Tambov, as well as from Kazakhstan. The seminar has existed on the basis of the SSU since 2008, and it is superintended by O. Yu. Kryuchkova and O. I. Dmitrieva.

“Modern speech communication in different spheres of society”: Results of the International Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Professor O. B. Sirotinina

The article reviews the International Conference “Modern speech communication in different spheres of society” that took place on October 20–21, 2023, at the Institute of Philology and Journalism of Saratov State University. The conference was dedicated to a unique event – the 100th anniversary of SSU professor, an outstanding linguist, Olga Borisovna Sirotinina. Researchers from different cities of Russia and different countries (Armenia, Poland, Mongolia) responded to this significant event.

French lectures – 2022

The article presents a review of a three-day conference session “French lectures: teachers and students” (“Lectures françaises: maîtres et disciples”) as part of the 50th International  scientifi c philological anniversary conference named after L. A. Verbitskaya, which took place on March 15–23, 2022, at St. Petersburg State University.

Journalism of the early 2020s: Challenges of the time

The article presents the chronicle of the XVII German-Russian Media Forum, held in November, 2020, in Saratov State University as part of the Year of Germany in Russia. The text highlights the main trends in the development of mass media in the early 2020s.

The memoirs of B. F. Egorov: Principles of the genre

B. F . Egorov is a philologist and a scientist whose creative work is closely related to Saratov University; he- attached great importance to diaries and memoirs as the most important sources for the reconstruction not only of historic events, but of the revival of spiritual biography of entire generations. The article analyzes the genre principles of B. F. Egorov’s memoirs.

Round table "History of Media Criticism in Russia"

The article by L.S. Borisova is dedicated to «History of media criticism in Russia» (06.12.2017, The Institute of Philology and Journalism, Saratov State University).


The article by S. Artemenko is dedicated to «History of media criticism: Results and prospects of work on the project» (06.12.2016, The Institute of Philology and Journalism, Saratov State University).