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Short communication

French lectures – 2022

Pavlova Svetlana Yu., Saratov State University

The article presents a review of a three-day conference session “French lectures: teachers and students” (“Lectures françaises: maîtres et disciples”) as part of the 50th International  scientifi c philological anniversary conference named after L. A. Verbitskaya, which took place on March 15–23, 2022, at St. Petersburg State University. The work of this session was dedicated to the memory of its founder, Tatyana Solomonovna Taymanova (1954–2020), who made a signifi cant contribution to the development of the Russian and French literary and intellectual ties. This year the format of the “French lectures” has been transformed in order to expand the chronological framework and specify the theme range, which will be annually updated, according to the organizers’ design. The topic of the past breakout session – “Teachers and students” – focused the scientifi c discussion on the issue of the continuity of the ideas of writers, philosophers, literary scholars, on the impact of the poetics of one author on the oeuvre of others, on the reception of works in diff erent types of art and national cultures. The presentations of the Russian and foreign participants addressed a wide range of works from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, various genres (fairy-tale, essay, novel, epistolary, autobiography, travelogue, comics), classical and modern French authors (J.-B. Moliere, Ch. Montesquieu, G. Sand, M. Proust, P. Claudel, Ch. Peguy, G. Perec, C. Laurens, Shan Sa, etc.), the reception and infl uence of the Russian writers and thinkers in France (F. M. Dostoyevsky, N. A. Berdyaev, A. S. Lappo-Danilevsky, M. I. Tsvetaeva), traditional and new approaches to the analysis of a literary text. “French lectures – 2022” have confi rmed their status of an outstanding platform which promotes strengthening the scientifi c relationships and Russian and French interaction.


1. Тезисы 50-й Международной научной филологической конференции имени Людмилы Алексеевны Вербицкой. 15–23 марта 2022. СПб. : Изд-во СПбГУ, 2022. 691 с. URL: https://dspace.spbu.ru/bitstream/11701/36133/1/%d0%9c%d0%a4%d0%9a%202022... (дата обращения: 10.04.2022).

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