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Образ детства в повествовательной структуре мемуарно-автобиографической прозы (Ф. Р. де Шатобриан и Жорж Санд)

Статья посвящена теме детства и особенностям его изображения в воспоминаниях Ф. Р. де Шатобриана и Жорж Санд. Детство рассматривается как неотъемлемый структурный элемент повествования о себе, художественная концепция которого формируется в контексте эпохи и литературной традиции. Осмысление закономерностей этого процесса важно с литературоведческой точки зрения, так как позволяет выявить разнообразие форм романтического мировидения, проследить их динамику.

Noblewoman’s Fate in Sisters’ Mancini Memoirs and the Problem of Social Risks

The article deals with the problem of social risks related to the status of a noblewoman in French society in the second half of the 17th century on the material of the memoirs by Hortense and Marie Mancini; writing memoirs is regarded as a means of decreasing these risks.

Две модели галантности в «Мемуарах» Бюсси-Рабютена

В статье рассматривается отражение специфического для французской культуры XVII в. феномена галантности в «Мемуарах» Бюсси-Рабютена, одного из блестящих представителей этой эпохи.

Private Life in the Memoires by Duke La Rochefoucauld

In the article the correlation of the private and the public in the French court society of the second half of the XVIIth century is considered; the changes in the share of the themes touching upon private life are traced; the means of its depiction are analyzed.

Forgotten Biographer of V. G. Belinsky

The article presents a feature story by B. B. Glinsky ‹Vissarion Grigoryevich Belinsky: in honour of his memory›. This story appears not to have been taken into account or registered in reference lists of the existing research papers on Belinsky, although it clearly deserves the researchers› attention.

German Environment of N. V. Gogol as a Pupil

The article considers Gogol’s letters of his school years in which the German topic is mentioned, as well as contemporaries’ reminiscences complementing the picture with the biographical facts of the future author.

Yury Buida’s novel «Thief, Spy, and Murderer»: Between an Autobiography and Fiction

The article addresses the peculiarities of Yu. Buida’s autobiographical novel «Thief, Spy, and Murderer». The author arrives at the conclusion that the genre of this novel synthesizes the features of an autobiography, memoirs, artistic commentaries, thus becoming a kind of an artistic prism through which the main regularities of Buida’s artistic world are refracted.

The Image of a Disgraced Princess in Memoires by Mlle de Montpensier

The article considers the protagonist image in Memoires by Mlle de Montpensier, related to the description of her life in exile after the Fronde events. The author analyzes how the royal disfavor impacts the changes in the views and inner world of the heroine. Comparing the text extracts written in exile with those written after it was over allows to show how the introspection deepens, and to draw the conclusion on the meaning of the memoire genre in the fate of the disgraced princess.

Childhood in the «Memoires» by Mlle De Montpensier

The article considers Mlle de Montpensier’s approach to depicting childhood on the materials of her «Memoires». The viewpoint of the memoire writer is analyzed as compared to the image of the protagonist; the significance of the ‘childhood’ piece in the context of the whole book is determined.

Heroic Spirit in Memoires by Mlle de Montpensier

The article considers instances of heroics in Memoires by Mlle de Montpensier on the example of the Fronde events. Her ideas of heroic behavior are analyzed as well as the development of the heroic content of the protagonist image under the influence of historic, ethical, and literary factors.