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Social Advertisement Genre as a Way of Influencing the Addressee

Different approaches to distinguishing advertisement genres are presented in the article; advertisement genres used in social advertising are analyzed; genres characteristic for social advertising are singled out; specific features of using genre forms in social advertising are revealed.

Verbal and Non-verbal Techniques of Creating the Comic in Creolized Texts of Social Advertisement

The article shows how the speaker of an advertising message widely uses the comic and the humorous in the discourse in order to optimize the process of perception.

Linguostylistic Peculiarities of Social Advertising (a Case Study of the German Media)

The paper describes the most common linguistic and stylistic devices (precedent phenomena, pun, metaphor, syntactical expressive means, etc.) used in German social advertising. These devices have a great potential to make the advertising communication more expressive and effective.


The main ways of influencing the addressee in social advertising are considered in the article; Some of them are considered common with means of commercial advertising, others - specific.