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speech genres

Social Advertisement Genre as a Way of Influencing the Addressee

Different approaches to distinguishing advertisement genres are presented in the article; advertisement genres used in social advertising are analyzed; genres characteristic for social advertising are singled out; specific features of using genre forms in social advertising are revealed.

Genre of Birthday Wishes as an Epideictic Speech

This article considers the connection between the speech genre of birthday wishes and the rules of epideictic speech, linguistic actualization of wishes, their semantic peculiarities, and their link to professional and social status of the speaker, his/her age, values, and relationships of the speaker and the birthday person.

Specific Features of Realization of Frankness in the Mass-mediated Discourse

In the article the researcher identifies the peculiarity of a sincere conversation in different mass media genres; a definition of a TV-interview in the sincere conversation style is offered, its genre features are specified; such strategies and tactics are reviewed that TV journalists employ to bring out the interlocutor’s personality to the utmost degree.

A Hint as an Element of a Speech Act and Speech Genre

The article deals with a hint as a speech communicative element of communication; special attention is drawn to the following modern linguistic concepts – speech genres, the speech act theory, indirect speech genres, indirect speech acts. The article gives examples of speech genre models under research which show typical relations between direct (literal) and indirect meaning of a hint as an indirect communication element. It describes the place of hints as a means of rendering indirect meaning within the system of the indirect speech act and genre theory.

Everyday business communication: A commercial chat, its specifi c features and role in organizing the life of citizens

The article deals with the study of everyday virtual business communication. The digital age has a huge impact on individuals, signifi cantly changing their lives, and the life of society is increasingly immersed in the virtual space. The material of the study is Internet communication, specifi cally group communication of citizens, residents of Saratov, in one of the commercial chats: the speech of women’s clothing sellers and buyers. The purpose of the study is to show the development of the chat genre and its functioning in business communication.