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The linguistic heritage of A. P. Dulzon as a source for studying the German toponymy of the Volga region

The article deals with the detailed research of the German microtoponymy of the Volga region. The toponym source is the doctoral thesis of a famous Russian linguist A. P. Dulzon, with a special chapter, where a list of 1049 geographical names of the Volga Germans is presented. The linguistic heritage of A. P.

About the Present Linguistic Situation in England. On the Problem of the English Language Variability in London

The article studies the linguistic situation in England and focuses on the problem of variability of the English language in London. The analysis of recent foreign sociolinguistic studies proves the fact that at present there has emerged a new multicultural environment which caused the formation of the so-called multiethnolects in the East-End London, traditionally known as the place of cockney people.

Gender as one of the social factors and its impact on the politicians’ speech (Based on the interviews of Theresa May, the former British Prime Minister)

Current research studies the concept of “gender” as one of the social factors that determine the choice of language means defi ned as more typical for female or male speech. The study focuses on the speech of Theresa May, the former British Prime Minister, the second female Prime Minister after M. Thatcher. The analysis of 10 interviews with male and female journalists is based on the classifi cations of masculine and feminine language means described in the studies of such linguists as R.