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discourse markers

Scientific ideas of Olga B. Sirotinina and Saratov linguistic school of researching real communication units. On the occasion of the centenary of birth of the scientist and teacher

The article is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the outstanding Russian linguist, professor of Saratov State University Olga B. Sirotinina (born in 1923). The article presents and analyzes a number of scientific ideas of the scholar: the necessity to work out new approaches to syntactic units; the interaction of primary (factual) and secondary (organizational) levels of communication; attention of the author to the addressee as a leading principle of linguistic ecology; semantic diffusion as a dynamic process in the Russian discourse.

How Gender Affects the Use of Organizational Discourse Markers in Popular-Science Discourse (Based on TED talks)

The article deals with the use of English organizational discourse markers which provide compositional and logical cohesion and integrity of the narration in spoken popular-science genre of TED talks. It is proved that on the level of speech organization male and female speakers using discourse markers demonstrate more similarities than differences.

Self-mentions in evaluating academic discourse

The article presents the analysis of Russian self-mentions – elements of authorization comprising “the voice of the author” – in evaluative academic discourse. These are phrases containing fi rst person personal pronouns and possessive pronouns (я; мы; меня; мне; нам; нас; мой; наш).