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cognitive linguistics

Language World Picture as a Basic Concept of Contemporary Cognitive Linguistics

The article deals with the term «Language world picture», its origin, development and modern status. Different approaches to its definition are highlighted in this work; the boundaries of adjacent term categories are determined.

The Functions of Metaphor in the Modern Speech of French Military Servicemen

Using the examples from the non-fiction and memoir works by the French military servicemen on active duty in the French expeditionary forces from 2001 to 2012, the author identifies and analyzes the functions of metaphor. The author determines the role of metaphor in the contemporary speech of French servicemen based on the results of the present research.

Scientific Pictures of the World and Their Variants in the Russian Language

The article discusses the factors influencing the development of variability of scientific pictures of the world based on the material of science’ and humanities’ terminologies in the Russian language. The correlation of the concepts ‘naïve picture of the world’, ‘scientific picture of the world’, ‘professional picture of the world’, as well as the typology of variants of scientific pictures of the world are considered.

Сognitive Space of the Metaphorical Models of ‘Antagonism’ in the Political Discourse of the Spanish Party Podemos

Using the tools of discourse analysis, the study reveals basic antagonisms that constitute the cognitive space of the discourse of the Spanish party Podemos. The confrontation of the people and politicians led to the creation of a holistic metaphorical model ‘POLITICS is ANTAGONISM’, which was subsequently transformed into several types of discursive oppositions analyzed in this work.

Some approaches to the study of the semantics of the French preposition à

The article examines some approaches to the semantics of the French preposition à, more specifically its spatial meaning. The researches of the main French linguists which focus on the semantics of the prepositions, including the preposition à, were analysed as a theoretical basis (cognitive approach).

The term and concept of ‘media’: The aspects of hermeneutics of research

The article presents the results of modeling the semantic processes taking place during the hermeneutic interpretation of the Russian term and concept of ‘media’. The paper examines the synonymous pair of the univerb ‘медиа’ (‘media’) and generating word-combination ‘средства массовой информации’ (‘means of mass information’). As a result of semantic condensation, the components ‘information’ and ‘masses’ lose their original semantics, and the ‘intermediary’ component acts as the dominant one.