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Prozorov Valeriy Vladimirovich

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Doctor of Sciences
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заведующий кафедрой общего литературоведения и журналистики

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Статьи автора

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Prozorov V. V. On author’s strategies in literature
Prozorov V. V. In the Memory of Boris F. Egorov
Prozorov V. V. “He Is a Very Good Writer. And How He Wrote About Love!”: A. P. Chekhov’s Readers-Characters on I. S. Turgenev
Prozorov V. V. Department of Literary Studies and Journalism: the Present Day
Prozorov V. V. Life and Philological Legacy of Alexandr Pavlovich Skaftymov
Prozorov V. V. Philological Coming of Age
Prozorov V. V. A Word on the Young Generation
Prozorov V. V. Ranevskaya’s Love
Prozorov V. V. Yu. M. Lotman’s Letter to E. I. Pokusayev
Prozorov V. V. Evgraf Ivanovich Pokusaev and Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov: a Dialogue in 5 Documents
Prozorov V. V. Motives of Contacts in A. P. Chekhov’s Comedy The Seagull
Prozorov V. V. A Word about the Author
Prozorov V. V. The Motive of Absentmindedness and the Parisian Theme in A. P. Chekhov’s Comedy «The Cherry Orchard»
Prozorov V. V. A Young Footman in A. P. Chekhov’s Comedy «The Cherry Orchard»
Prozorov V. V. «And yet you are Ermolai»: Cherry Orchard by A. P. Skaftymov
Prozorov V. V. Братиславские встречи – 2013
Prozorov V. V. A. I. Solzhenitsyn at Saratov University: the 1960s
Prozorov V. V. Journalist Education and Philology: Continued Alliance or Contemplated Divorce?
Prozorov V. V. Semantic Horizons of «Risk» Notion in the Russian National and Cultural Tradition
Prozorov V. V. Risks of Argument and the Speech Genre of Collaborative Search of Agreement
Prozorov V. V., Elina E. G. Philology апа Journalism: the Degree of Kinship
Prozorov V. V. Oppening Adress
Prozorov V. V. New Materials to Biography
Prozorov V. V. A Word About Journalistic Professional Cuiture
Prozorov V. V., Zheltov D. V. "Our Service to Russia...". To the 100th Birth Anniversary and the 20th Death Anniversary of Nikolai Ivanovich Ulyanov