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Subjective Aspects of Art Discourse Perception

In this article the communicative and pragmatic approach to art discourse is realized, which assumes that the discourse is obligatorily aimed at an addressee / recipient, without which discourse analysis would be considered incomplete and unaccomplished.

Types of Hybridity in Computer-Mediated Communication

The article deals with different types of hybridity as a global category of computer-mediated communication. In the article hybridity is defined as a mixture of orthographical, lexical, syntactical, stylistic, semiotic and genre forms in one linguistic unit (word, sentence or text).

Poetics of I. Ilf’s Novella The Master of the Jews

The article considers the poetics of the novella The Master of the Jews by I. Ilf first published in 2003. The author considers the image system of the text and the features of the artistic statements, which allow to draw the conclusion about the significance of The Master of the Jews as a praetext of the kind for the works of I. Ilf and E. Petrov.

Intertext as a Method of Creating the Information Tension of a Dicteme

The article deals with the study of the intertext as a means of creating the information tension in a dicteme. It is justly pointed that the intertext is capable of delivering significantly more information than its verbal segment immediately contains. This ability is based on the mechanism of extracting the necessary associations from precedent texts, represented in a dicteme in the form of quotations and allusions.

“And the stars serve you”: The sun, the moon and stars as the external outlines of meaningful constants in the works of Protopope Avvakum (Based on the texts of diff erent genres)

The article deals with the identifi cation of semantic constants in the corpus of the texts of Protopope Avvakum, which manifested themselves as a characteristic feature of his worldview with the help of certain resources of the language system. In this regard, the main attention is paid to the substantives “the sun”, “the moon” and “stars” as the external outlines of associative links that arise in a number of works. At the same time, the article considers only those cases where the indicated lexical units are part of a syntactically built sequence.

«Notes From Behind the Corner» by A.G. Bitov as a Meta-poetic Text

In the article an attempt is made to analyze the text by A.G. Bitov «Notes From Behind the Corner» from the point of view of meta-poetics. On the basis of the «Notes…» the concept of the «meta-poetic text» is considered, the principles of the inner text space structure are researched. In the course of the «creative chronotopos» research meta-poetic data of this writer’s other texts is drawn, in relation to which a special author’s code is singled out.