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языковая личность

The Issue of the Evolution of Languages in a Multiethnic Area of the Tyumen Region: to the Statement of the Problem

The authors consider the problem of languages’ functioning in the context of the evolution of linguistic personality. This approach allows us to understand the evolution of the development of modern linguistic personality in a multi-ethnic nature of globalization.

Precedent Phenomena: Problems of Definition and Classification

The article addresses the problem of precedent phenomena definition and classification from the point of view of the complex approach. Based on the undertaken analysis, the authors give the definition of precedent phenomena, distinguish their main and complementary characteristic features as well as build the hierarchy of the precedent phenomena.

Phraseological Unit as the Main Element of Pragmatic Level of Language Personality of Catherinе II

The article analyzes the specificity of the linguistic personality of Catherine II on a pragmatic level, studies phraseological units, used in her texts, as the main instrument of pragmatic impact on the recipient.

The Means of Secondary Semiosis as a Way to Identify the Characteristics of a Journalist’s Speech Portrait

The article studies the means of secondary semiosis, non-verbal means of intensifying the reader’s perception, characteristic of the journalist style of the Dagestan journalist Khadzhimurad Kamalov. A journalist text is considered in this article as a result of combining a verbal text and all non-verbal means, which help the author to address the audience and emerge as a linguistic persona.

Conceptual Oppositions in the Formation of the Linguistic Identity of a Socialist Revolutionary of the Beginning the 20th Century V. М. Chernov

The work considers the ontological connection of linguistic existence and the national linguistic identity of the socialist revolutionary V. M. Chernov. It is attempted to identify the cognitive-pragmatic and value orientations of the linguistic identity of the Social Democrat and recreate the linguistic worldview of the epoch of the revolutionary crisis, by means of the analysis of conceptual oppositions in the discursive space of the author’s text.

“And the stars serve you”: The sun, the moon and stars as the external outlines of meaningful constants in the works of Protopope Avvakum (Based on the texts of diff erent genres)

The article deals with the identifi cation of semantic constants in the corpus of the texts of Protopope Avvakum, which manifested themselves as a characteristic feature of his worldview with the help of certain resources of the language system. In this regard, the main attention is paid to the substantives “the sun”, “the moon” and “stars” as the external outlines of associative links that arise in a number of works. At the same time, the article considers only those cases where the indicated lexical units are part of a syntactically built sequence.

P. A. Stolypin’s rhetorical skill

The article presents a rhetorical analysis of published speeches of P. A. Stolypin, an outstanding statesman of Russia of the beginning of the 20th century, which were presented in the State Duma and the State Council in 1906–1911.

Patterns of characters’ speech behavior in a dramaturgical text: A complex approach

The article off ers the development of the complex methodology for the study of the speech behavior of the intelligentsia characters. The material of the research is the plays and screenplays of the 60–80s of the 20th century by the Soviet authors such as Valentin Azernikov, Alexei Arbuzov, Vladimir Arro, Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov, Alexander Vampilov, Alexander Volodin and Leonid Zorin, and others. The article considers methodological approaches to the study of the speech behavior of literary characters belonging to the same social group.