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Editorial Management Transformation Under the Digitalization Influence

The article presents the theoretical analysis of editorial management transformation given the rapid digitalization in mass media. The author describes the system of influencing factors of changes and explores the main managerial implications. The author insists on the controversial nature of digitalization in mass media which set a range of challenges for managers.

The Features of TV and Radio Channels’ Integration with Social Networks in Chuvash Republic

The article considers the interaction of electronic mass media of Chuvash Republic with social networks. The authors identify the features of such integration of the state and commercial broadcasters, analyze the contents of the most successful mass media of the region, evaluate the editorial boards’ policies towards managing the activities promoting their mass media in social networks.

Specific Character of Professional Journalists’ Work under Conditions of Convergence (Based on the Results of Social Research)

This article deals with the different levels of convergence in the sphere of mass media: technological, organizational, professional and communicative ones. The author focuses on the professional level of convergence. It has to do with forming new professional skills and competencies of journalists which help them to work efficiently in modern new mass media.

To the Question of Chuvash Press Hybridization: Trends and Prospects

The article considers how the system of Chuvash printed mass media transforms in the digital era; the authors characterize the hybridization of the district, municipal and republican press. The authors identify the special character of the issues’ interaction with the new media and emphasize the necessity of optimizing the journalists’ work with the help of new technological opportunities.