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лирический герой

Antique Tradition in the «Cold Odes» by M. Amelin

The article dwells upon the antiquity as one of the most important components M. Amelin’s poetry. The Russian contemporary poet and well-known interpreter of Pindar’s and Catullus’s poems, Maxim Amelin is known for his passion for the classical culture which as well as the Russian verse tradition of the XVIII century is a basis of his creative work. The article analyses the specifics of the poetic theory and practice of Horace in the first Amelin’s book «Cold Odes».

Spiritual Conflict Generators in the ‘Romantic’ Cycle Autumn by B. Pasternak

The article studies the poetic cycle Autumn by B. Pasternak, which concludes his book of poems Themes and Variations (1916–1922). The imagery system of the cycle and its plot, reflecting the relationships between the lyrical hero and his beloved, are analyzed. The role of spiritual conflict generators as important cycle-formative elements is noted. The intertextual connections with the Bible and W. Shakespeare’s play Hamlet are highlighted.

Unchildlike Meanings in Children’s Poetry (Based on Poems about the War by E. A. Blaginina)

The article studies the lyrical cycle of poems by the famous children’s poet E. A. Blaginina “Why do you cherish your overcoat?” published in 1975 and understudied by researchers. Comprehending the particular features of the cycle’s poetics (composition, original characteristics of the lyrical hero, the functions of poetic syntax, etc.) allows us to reveal the range of its meanings; to identify the special features of E. A. Blaginina’s creative manner; to consider children’s poetry as a special artistic phenomenon.