The Specific Character of Detail-Based Person Nominations Functioning in Modern Mass Media Speech

The article is dedicated to the functioning of detail-based person nominations in modern mass media. The materials of our work are newspaper articles and TV speeches. The article focuses on such points as typology questions and lexico-semantic structure of standard detail-based person nominations, the role of color use in their formation.

Issues of Key Words in Philology

The article deals with an up-to-date theme of key words issues in linguistics; the paper presents a brief overview and a comparative analysis of the scientific literature on this issue. The aim of the article is to state the problem of identifying key words in philology.

Collisions of ‘Light and Shadow’ in the Modern Russian Literature: Three Short Novels of 2015

The article considers collisions of ‘light and shadow’ in the modern Russian reality on the material of three Russian short novels of 2015.

Scientific Biography of a Writer as a Type of Literary Study (Article Two)

The article contains the description of yet not thoroughly studied specific signs of a scientific
biography of a writer, its internal methodology, its source-based capacities, and basic principles of its structure.