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Science as a vocation. On the occation of the 85th anniversary of birth of Professor M. A. Kormilitsyna

The article discusses the 85th anniversary of the Doctor of Philology, Professor of Saratov State University, M. A. Kormilitsyna. A well- known scientist in Russia and abroad, Margarita Anatolyevna has devoted her whole life to scientific activity. Together with her teacher and friend, O. B. Sirotinina, M. A. Kormilitsyna was at the origin of Saratov Linguistic School of the functioning of the Russian language.

Scientific legacy of Professor V. E. Goldin: About the book of the scientist’s selected works

The review is dedicated to the book of selected works by Professor V. E. Goldin, Linguistic Consciousness. Speech Communication (Saratov, Saratov State University Publ., 2020), prepared for publication by O. Kryuchkova and A. Sdobnova. The scientific interests of V. E. Goldin were extremely broad. The list of his scientific works includes studies on the Russian dialectology, problems of the general theory of language, speech communication, speech genres, the problems of psycholinguistics and applied linguistics.