Soviet literature

E. G. Polonskaya and K. A. Fedin: To the history of the relationship

The article analyzes the correspondence of E. G. Polonskaya and K. A. Fedin, members of the literary group Serapion Brothers, formed in Petrograd in 1921. The short but bright period of the existence of the association is still of interest to many researchers. Particularly relevant is the study of documentary sources, which make it possible to fi ll in the factual gaps in the history of both the Serapion fraternity itself and the relationships of its individual members. The author of the article draws on previously unpublished materials from the archive of K. A.

Literary Life of 1920–1922 on the Pages of the Newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee News)

In the article literary life of the Soviet Russia of the years 1920-1922 is analyzed as it was reflected in the newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee). The main components of this life are investigated, literary soirees, formation of new literary organizations and institutions, literary competitions, and writers’ names among them.