scientific picture of the world

Scientific Pictures of the World and Their Variants in the Russian Language

The article discusses the factors influencing the development of variability of scientific pictures of the world based on the material of science’ and humanities’ terminologies in the Russian language. The correlation of the concepts ‘naïve picture of the world’, ‘scientific picture of the world’, ‘professional picture of the world’, as well as the typology of variants of scientific pictures of the world are considered.

National Culture as a Factor of Forming Linguistic and Conceptual Pictures of the World (on the Example of Scientific World Picture in Jurisprudence)

The article deals with one of the disputable issues of cognitive linguistics – the possibility of national culture manifestation in the scientific legal picture of the world. On the analysis of different terminological research works the author proves that national culture may be inherent in many scientific world pictures (technical, natural, and humanitarian).