Saratov University

Saratov’s plot in Yu. N. Chumakov’s letters

The article discusses the place of Saratov-based plot in Yu. N. Chumakov’s letters addressed to the author of the article. The subject of discussion in the correspondence is the defense of Yu. N. Chumakov’s dissertation at Saratov University in 1970 and its role in his scientifi c biography. The defense of the dissertation with Yu. M. Lotman as the fi rst opponent became the key event of the Saratov plot and its climax.

Yu. G. Oksman and O. E. Mandelstam: the Fate of the Generation

The article shows how the fates of Yu. G. Oksman and O. E. Mandelstam intercross, it also dwells on Oksman’s part in preparing the American version of the poet’s collected works. This topic is revealed in the context of the ХХth century history of national culture. Epistolary, memoir and biography sources are used widely. Oksman’s part in the process of reuniting different Russian literature branches is specially highlighted.

Yu. M. Lotman’s Letter to E. I. Pokusayev

For the first time the letter of Yu. M. Lotman, a Tartu University Professor, to E. I. Pokusayev, a Saratov University Professor, is published and accompanied with necessary comments. In his letter Yu. M. Lotman requests that Estonian students sent to study philology in Saratov are given help and support.