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precedent phenomenon

Expressive ways of creating new nominations in social networks (on the example of the Telegram social network)

The article analyzes expressive ways of creating new lexical units. The material consists of contexts of various contents extracted from the open resources of the Telegram messenger in the space of 2021–2023. Research methods and techniques include continuous sampling, the descriptive method with elements of interpretive analysis, word-formation analysis. New nominations formed with the help of contamination have been identified. Such word-forming neologisms are used to create a comic effect.

Complex Mental Image as an Illustrative Communicative Structure in a Multicultural Fictional Space

The article is devoted to the analysis of the complex mental image formation, to the identification of its structure, and the text key points creating this image. Complex mental image is considered as illustrative material that helps comprehend the ethnic meanings of one or another precedent phenomenon more thoroughly. Special attention is given to the author’s communication with the reader and to the complex mental image as a textual means through which this communication can be carried out.

Peculiarities of Precedent Names Functioning in Student Speech as Symbols of the Precedent Texts and Precedent Situations

The article considers instances of precedent phenomena in students’ speech. There is a special focus on the analysis of communicative situations in which the precedent name is a means of verbalization of the precedent text and precedent situation. It is attempted to elicit the mechanism of actualizing precedent knowledge stored in the cognitive database of the representatives of one linguistic and cultural society.

Precedent Phenomena as Culture Level Indicators in Student Communication

The article considers some peculiarities of precedent phenomena functioning in student speech. The author elicits the connection between the sources of the precedent phenomena employed and the student community culture level.

To the Question of the Specificity of a Multicultural Literary Text

The article shows the results of a multicultural literary texts’ analysis aimed at revealing their linguistic and stylistic peculiarities. The emphasis is placed on the methods of applying such a linguistic notion as ‘image response’ as one of the units/means of a multicultural literary text analysis.

A superstition as a precedent phenomenon: The role of complex images in the context of the dialogue of cultures (Based on a multicultural literary text)

The article discusses superstitions as a cultural phenomenon, the author describes the features of their functioning in a multicultural literary text and discusses the possibility of classifying them as national precedent phenomena. Particular attention is paid to images, precedent situations, traditions and artifacts.

Different Types of Precedent Phenomena in Cultural Linguistic Forms of Informal Communication (On the Example of the Russian Language)

This article analyzes the use of different types of precedent phenomena. The author examines special characteristics of precedent texts, precedent names, precedent utterances, precedent situations functioning in different cultural and linguistic forms of the Russian informal communication. The author also identifies social and cultural variability of the system of precedent phenomena in the consciousness and speech of the Russian speakers.

Different functions of precedent phenomena in Russian colloquial speech

This article analyzes different functions of precedent phenomena in various linguistic and cultural forms of Russian colloquial speech. The author considers special features of precedent units being used in nominative, ludic, persuasive and password functions in different types of communication.