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On Mark Tarlovsky and His Poem «Poetry by the City-provost’s Daughter»

The article discusses the literary fate of M. A. Tarlovsky, his place in the Russian poetry, as well as some peculiarities of his perception of the characters of the comedy «Auditor».

The ‘Caucasus Text’ by A. G. Bitov in the Russian and Foreign (German) Criticismке

The article studies how the artistic works of A. G. Bitov are perceived by the Russian and German criticism. The approaches of postmodern and postcolonial theories to the awareness of the author’s contribution in the development of the Russian literature are considered on the material of the works representing the ‘Caucasus text’. The history of A. G. Bitov’s texts being translated into German is addressed.

On the Role of Criticism in Literary Process of the Beginning of the XX‑th Century from the Point of View of Perception

The subject of this article is the analysis of the complexity of literary texts perception in the beginning of the XX-th century, the epoch of change of a cultural paradigm. The author considers such new lines of literary process as «the fashionable writer», change of a publishing policy and type of reader’s perception.