Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Sound Gestures in Oral Communication

The paper deals with the study of sound gestures – involuntary subconscious exclamations.

Expressive Figurative Devices of Poetic Syntax in Play Discourse of Advertising

This article examines the use of expressive devices from poetic syntax
in play discourse of advertisement as a means of a more effective
impact upon the recipient of the text. Advertising discourse is considered
as a stylistically marked linguistic unit on the basis of which these expressive devices of poetic syntax are studied.

Specific Characteristics of Word-formation in Canadianisms as a Result of Language Interference (on the Materials of Dictionaries)

The article studies linguistic factors facilitating the formation of canadianisms; the latter emerge due to the bilingualism on the territory of Canada, and they are the result of the language interference. The paper presents the definition of the term «canadianism» and analyses the peculiarities of universal word-formation processes involved in creating these specific lexical units.

On Some Peculiarities of Word Formation in the English Military Slang (Based on Dictionaries)

The article studies some word formation peculiarities of military slang, its functioning in the speech of the military, and provides derivational classification of English military slang words.