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«Love at First Sight» (1991 vs. 2011): the Images of the Woman, the Man and the Preferred Relationships

This article deals with the images of the woman, the man and the preferred relationships on the material of the dating game show «Love at first sight» (1991 vs. 2011). Plausible reasons of the identified differences in the mental representations of the woman, the man and the preferred relationships are outlined.

The Image of Warrior in I. I. Kozlov’s Lyrics and Its Folklore Variants in the Context of Poems about Napoleonic Wars

The article is devoted to the identification of originality of I. I. Kozlov’s battle lyrics in the context of poems on Napoleonic wars. Particular attention is paid to the image of warrior.

The Image of an Enemy in Humorous Rhymes Dedicated to WWII (Based on Tver Region Archives)

In the article the image of an enemy in humorous rhymes dedicated to WWII is analyzed. The central theme is the image of Adolf Hitler. In the conclusions the enemy image is shown as an archaic one. The sphere of humorous rhymes existence is shown. The article is based on the archive materials from the expeditions to Tver region.

Blacksmith Vakula from N. V. Gogol’s Story Christmas Eve as an Image of a «Liminal Being»

In the article Gogol’s image of the blacksmith Vakula is studied as one of the so-called «liminal beings», typical for the writer’s works. In the nature of such creatures there is a transition from the supernatural world into the real one, which allows them to act as mediators.

«Sharlotta – a Question Mark». The Play and the Fate of Sharlotta Ivanovna

In the article the image of the governess Sharlotta Ivanovna, a character from Vishneviy Sad (The Cherry Orchard), is analyzed. The motives of the play realized in the text are key to understanding the character. The story of creation and the stage fate of Sharlotta Ivanovna are also considered in the article.

Communicative and Discoursive Aspect of the Study of the Symbol of Culture (based on the novel «The Joy Luck Club» by Amy Tan)

The article discusses the issues related to the problems of communicative-discoursive variation of symbols of culture in the fictional text. The material of the research is the novel «The Joy Luck Club» by the modern American writer of the Chinese origin Amy Tan.

To the Poetics of the Images of A. V. Sukhovo-Kobylin. Varravin and Raspluev

The article deals with the images of General Varravin and Rasplyuev and examines their relationships. The researcher shows how the state, represented by Varravin, creates a monster, which at some point becomes a danger not only for the city inhabitants, but also for its own creators.

The Denouement in N. V. Gogol’s «The Inspector General» as a Means of Disputing «Theatrical Departure»

The article considers texts accompanying the comedy «The Inspector General». The researcher traces the changes of the author’s assessment of his own texts, the author’s doubts and self-reflection.

Images of Russia and the USA as the Realization of a Communicative Category «Friend or Foe» in the Russian Press

This paper deals with the analysis of speech means of creating the images of Russia and the USA within the opposition framework «friend or foe» in the Russian press. In the opposition press the author distinguishes ideologemes that create the image of a «friendly» and «hostile» country.

Unidentified Varravin. To the Poetics of A. V. Sukhovo-Kobylin’s Characters

The article regards the character of General Varravin – the main and only character moving the scheme forward in the drama «The Case» by A. V. Sukhovo-Kobylin. The ambiguity and inconsistency of this character are specifically highlighted.