N. S. Leskov

Two Philarets: On the Special Features of the Saints’ Images in the Works by N. S. Leskov

The article attempts to study the methods of depicting saints in the texts by N. S. Leskov on the example of the images of saint bishops Philaret Drozdov and Philaret Amphiteatrov. The polarity of expressive means in the descriptions of the characters is emphasized as largely driven by the narrator’s pathos. The analysis is based not only on the material of the Trifles from the Life of Archbishops, but also of some other works.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained: on the Acts of Christian Missionaries in the Works by Epiphanius the Wise and Nikolai Leskov («The Life of Stephan of Perm» and «On the Edge of the World»)

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the category of spiritual and physical «risk» in the works of the Russian writers of different epochs – from the medieval «life» to the XIXth century novel. They are united by the analysis of the inner state and outward dangers awaiting the missionaries of the Christian faith among pagans.