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Mandelshtam’s Project «Seven poems» (1930–1931): Cycle or Selection?

The article examines Mandelstam’s unrealized project «Seven Poems» (1930 – 1931). A hypothesis of a cyclic nature of this group of poems, of their imagery and thematic integrity and correlation with other Mandelstam’s cycles is formulated.

The «First Moscow Notebook» and the Issue of the Great Form in Mandelstam’s Poetry of the 1930s

The article deals with the issues of cyclization in Mandelstam’s poetry of the beginning of the 1930s, based on the materials of the «First Moscow notebook». The object of study is the hierarchy of different types of lyrical entities and some tendencies in the formation of the book of poems in the late works of Mandelstam.

Yu. G. Oksman and O. E. Mandelstam: the Fate of the Generation

The article shows how the fates of Yu. G. Oksman and O. E. Mandelstam intercross, it also dwells on Oksman’s part in preparing the American version of the poet’s collected works. This topic is revealed in the context of the ХХth century history of national culture. Epistolary, memoir and biography sources are used widely. Oksman’s part in the process of reuniting different Russian literature branches is specially highlighted.

The Problem of Cyclization in Love Lyrics of Mandelstam (In the Poems Dedicated to Olga Vaksel)

The article gives an overview of the uncollected love cycles of O. Mandelstam. The emphasis is placed on such problems of studying them as determining the addressee and the composition, analyzing their artistic integrity. A more detailed analysis of the semantic structure of the cycle dedicated to Olga Vaksel is given.

The myth of the earth in the late lyric poetry of O. E. Mandelstam (Based on the material of the “First Voronezh Notebook”)

Mandelstam’s creative thinking is similar to the mythological one. This is refl ected in his lyric poetry as an artistic whole and in individual author’s myths. The article presents the analysis of some features of the author’s myth about the earth, which was formed in the “First Voronezh Notebook” by O. Mandelstam.