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Metaphorization of Social Lexis in the Russian Jargons of the End of the 20th – the Beginning of the 21st centuries

The article analyzes jargon metaphors formed on the basis of social lexis. The author singles out semantic fields and groups extensively used for developing transfers, the main principles of metaphorization and their specific characteristics in comparison with the literary language. The conclusions are drawn on the jargon users’ world picture, which is represented with the help of the social metaphor.

Variants of the legal picture of the world in the English language

The article deals with different variants of the legal picture of the world emerging in the literary English language and its sociolects (terminology and jargon). The analysis shows that the diversity of the linguistic legal picture depends on the social and functional stratification of the language and various extra-linguistic factors.

Communication failures: Causes and effects (On the example of political talk shows)

The article examines the causes of communication failures that occur in a TV conversation between journalists and experts invited to the studio of political talk shows. The article analyzes statements in live broadcasts that bring about communication failures; their effects are determined. It is shown that the main reason for communication failures in public space is speech aggression.