Interactive Programs on the Russian Entertainment Radio Stations: Formation, Audience and Communication Channels

The article studies the stages of formation and development of interactive programs on entertainment radio stations. The goals and tasks of equivalent modern programs are analyzed; the authors also identify how the popularity of such programs and their being in demand on air depend on the target audience of a certain mass medium.

The Usage of Multimedia and Interactive Features of the Internet in Electronic Newspapers of Tatarstan

The article presents the results of a comparative content analysis of interviews in online newspapers Business online and in the Russian and Tatar languages in the period from 1 June, 2012 to 1 January, 2014. Units of analysis and calculation are the subject-matter, layout, journalist’s stylistic devices, as well as the use of the original online media properties. 160 interviews have been analyzed.

Dialog with a Reader in Victor Pelevin’s Prose Works: Author’s Strategies and Risks (the Collection «The Pineapple Water for the Beautiful Lady»)

The article is a literary analysis of the categories of «in-text author» and «in-text reade» as active components of the literary text poetics on the material of Victor Pelevin’s prose works. One of the main goals of this research focused on the reader problem is to get closer to the understanding of the modern Russian writer’s author’s strategy.