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ideal reader

The Epigraph as a Form of Dialogue of the Author and the Reader: Based on «Kukotsky Mishap» by L. Ulitskaya

The article deals with the epigraph as a form of dialogue between the author and the reader that is essential for the realization of narrative strategies in a novel. The implementation of the epigraph helps the reader not only to understand the message of the work, but allows him to join in co-creating.

To the Issue of Forming the Reader’s Reception in N. M. Karamzin’s Almanacs

The article considers the aesthetic value of the Almanacs Aglaya and The Aonides predetermined by the worldview core linking the publications – the personality of Karamzin emerging in different externalizations: as a publisher, an author of novels, a poet, a critic and an opinion journalist. The ‘many faces’ of N. M. Karamzin under consideration allow to draw the conclusion on the almanac’s being multitargeted, as well as to reveal the mechanisms of readers’ reception.