E. G. Polonskaya and K. A. Fedin: To the history of the relationship

The article analyzes the correspondence of E. G. Polonskaya and K. A. Fedin, members of the literary group Serapion Brothers, formed in Petrograd in 1921. The short but bright period of the existence of the association is still of interest to many researchers. Particularly relevant is the study of documentary sources, which make it possible to fi ll in the factual gaps in the history of both the Serapion fraternity itself and the relationships of its individual members. The author of the article draws on previously unpublished materials from the archive of K. A.

L. N. Tolstoy and P. A. Stolypin: Land issue (A historical confrontation of the writer and the politician)

The image of P. A. Stolypin, who was burdened by the task of agrarian changes in the country, still remains the object of the “arguments of the parties”. As a rule, one of the arguments ‘for’ or ‘against’ Stolypin’s agrarian policy is drawn from the content of L. Tolstoy’s letters of 1907-1909 to the reformer and his only reply. All these letters date to the most intense period of the land “revolution” in the sovereign state, which only started half a century after serfdom had been abolished.

Post Scriptum to the Half a Century Correspondence (an Unknown Autograph of K. A. Fedin)

For the first time K. A. Fedin’s autograph is published. It concludes the half-a-century history of K. Fedin and K. Chukovsky’s correspondence. Fedin’s notes on one of the last meetings with Chukovsky and his reaction to the news of Chukovsky’s death are considered within the context of the writers’ long-standing relationship.