English language

How Gender Affects the Use of Organizational Discourse Markers in Popular-Science Discourse (Based on TED talks)

The article deals with the use of English organizational discourse markers which provide compositional and logical cohesion and integrity of the narration in spoken popular-science genre of TED talks. It is proved that on the level of speech organization male and female speakers using discourse markers demonstrate more similarities than differences.

N. V. Gogol’s Novel «Overcoat» in the Early Stage of Perception in the English Language Space (on the Translation by C. J. Hogarth)

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the English version of N. V. Gogol’s «Overcoat» that was made by C. J. Hogarth in 1918; some of the main problems that the translators encounter while dealing with the text of the novel are mentioned; the means used for rendering social and national particularities of the text and the plot, Gogol’s narrative technique and reasoning.