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ecology of speech

The attitude of native speakers of the Russian language to its norms: The dynamic aspect

Different historical periods are characterized by different attitudes of native speakers of the Russian language to its norms. Russian history during the Soviet period was marked by the struggle for the purity and correctness of the Russian speech. The process of protecting the Russian language was filled with deep ideological meaning, since the Russian language acts as a single means of communication for the multinational population of the USSR.

The problems of ecology of modern scientifi c speech

The study of the norms of modern scientifi c speech, as well as the factors aff ecting its eff ectiveness, is one of the urgent problems of linguoecology. Typical violations of the ecology of scientifi c speech are cases of violations of language norms and stylistic inaccuracies. They are most often found in the unprepared professional speech of young scientists (especially non-philologists).