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Expressive ways of creating new nominations in social networks (on the example of the Telegram social network)

The article analyzes expressive ways of creating new lexical units. The material consists of contexts of various contents extracted from the open resources of the Telegram messenger in the space of 2021–2023. Research methods and techniques include continuous sampling, the descriptive method with elements of interpretive analysis, word-formation analysis. New nominations formed with the help of contamination have been identified. Such word-forming neologisms are used to create a comic effect.

Genre modifi cations and “search for a genre” in Timur Kibirov’s novel The General and His Family

Genre defi nition of Timur Kibirov’s The General and His Family caused disagreement among literary critics. The range of opinions concerning the defi nition of the novel’s genre include historical novel, family saga, cento novel, the novel about psychology and morality of the late years of the USSR. This article is concentrated on the novel’s genre defi nition. The genre framework of the text is the epoch-standard local family story depicted against the background of massive Soviet history.