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M. P. Shishkin’s image of Switzerland through the lens of the conceptual metaphor

The article studies the role that the conceptual metaphor plays in reconstructing the image of Switzerland. On the material of the literary and historic guidebook The Russian Switzerland by M. P. Shishkin the semantic and stylistic features of metaphors, which are peculiarly encoded definitions of the author’s conceptual meanings, are described. The goal of the paper is to identify the techniques of how the image of Switzerland is conceptualized in its Russian representation.


The article deals with the dominant conceptual models used for the metaphorical representation of power structures in the Russian and American political media discourse, describes their structures, reveals common and national specific features, which allows to draw a conclusion about the nature of the perception of political leaders and institutions of power in two linguistic cultures.

Conceptual domain CRIMINAL ACTIVITY as a source of metaphorisation in biological popular-science English discourse

The purpose of the article is to examine the conceptual domain CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, which happens to be one of the most productive source domains in structuring biological popular science discourse in English. The analysis of this metaphorical model makes it possible to draw valid conclusions regarding some special features of how the source domain CRIME functions in the given type of discourse.

Lexical metaphorisation of words representing the INDUSTRY and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY conceptual domains (Based on popular-science biological English discourse)

The article considers how the conceptual metaphor functions in biological popular science English discourse. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the correlation between the target domain represented by all branches of Biology (biological popular science discourse) and the INDUSTRY and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY source domains by examining a plethora of metaphoric expressions constituting them.

Metaphorical nominations characterizing the conceptual sphere of the mechanism (Based on the English popular science Biology discourse)

The paper aims at identifying the connection between the target domain and the source domain (represented by the PARTS OF MECHANISM, MECHANISM REPAIR, MECHANISM ACTIVATION). The author uses continuous sampling method, as well as methods of conceptual and component analysis, in order to elicit multiple target domains and the mapping principle. The sentences under research (512 metaphorical expressions) were taken from various British and American popular science journals on Biology.