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Rhetorical Universals, Their Logic, Meaning, Figurative and Expressive Role in Public Speeches by F. D. Roosevelt

The article addresses rhetorical devices used by F. D. Roosevelt in his public speeches: antitheses and their role in creating contrast, the device of repetition as a means of enhancing logical and emotional impact on the listeners, question and answer speech structure, its meaning and expressive functions.

Linguostylistic Peculiarities of Social Advertising (a Case Study of the German Media)

The paper describes the most common linguistic and stylistic devices (precedent phenomena, pun, metaphor, syntactical expressive means, etc.) used in German social advertising. These devices have a great potential to make the advertising communication more expressive and effective.

Antithesis as a structural and semantic principle of organizing a poetic text (Based on the poetry of Anna Akhmatova)

The article explores antithesis as the main structural and semantic principle of organizing the poetic context, focusing on the structural features and semantic content of antithesis in the poetic works of Anna Akhmatova. The article presents temporal, spatial, subjective, abstract antitheses and their implementation in various syntactic constructions of poetic text.