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M. A. Aldanov’s Novel «The Sources»: Artistic and Philosophic Analysis of the ХХth Century Historic Factors

The role of the philosophic and historic discourse in the structure of the novel «The Sources» is revealed; the vector directivity of the author’s consciousness towards studying the mechanism of historic event inception is uncovered; the character of the writer’s interpretation of the ХХth century catastrophes’ origins is comprehended.

Artistic Perception of the Contemporary Situation of the 1930s in M. A. Aldanov’s Novel «The Beginning of the End»

The article deals with the analysis of the author’s artistic and philosophical idea of the European situation of the 1930s and with the forms of its actualisation in the novel «The Beginning of the End».

Literary Text as a Diagnosis

The monograph under review is a continuation of the author’s research in the field of visual poetics of the Russian literature. The ‘optics’ proposed in the book allows to see the medical plots of literary texts in a new way, to comprehend aesthetic and existential experience of the disease.

At the Onset of Aldanov’s Skepticism: the Principles of the Philosophical and Historical Learning in the Author’s Non-fiction of the 1910s («Armageddon»)

In the article the principles of the philosophical and historical analysis of the contemporary political situation (First World War, the Revolution of the year 1917) in M.A. Aldanov’s book «Armageddon» (1918) are singled out. The author of the article attempts to view Aldanov’s skepticism as a method of experiencing reality that confronts the dogmatic thinking.