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русский язык как иностранный

Professionally Oriented Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language to Chinese Students and Musicians

This article deals with the specifics of teaching Russian as a foreign language to Chinese school children and students studying in higher and secondary schools of art and culture. The authors analyze available specialized textbooks, offer up-to-date techniques and teaching methods that take into account the national mentality and professional specialization of students.

On the Russian Soul to Polish Students

The book under review features a text book on the Russian language for foreign students, published in Poland. The author has included modern texts for discussion; they reveal special characteristics of Russian life and world-view to the foreign students, as well as diverse communicative tasks. The text book is designed for B2-C1 levels.

An experience of creating and using linguistic and cultural materials in Russian as a foreign language (On the example of the “MULTI_Saratov” project)

Based on the study conducted by the Department of the Russian Language, Speech Communication and Russian as a Foreign Language, Saratov State University, the possibilities of using linguistic and cultural video materials in the practical aspect of teaching Russian as a foreign language (RFL) are revealed. It is noted that the regional and local materials provide students’ immersion in the cultural and historical environment and facilitate the process of their adaptation.