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В. Сорокин

Victor Pelevin and ‘Moscow Conceptualism’

The article analyzes the early works of V. Pelevin from the collection Relics. early and unpublished. The author compares the early and late works of the writer and outlines the vector of his creative evolution, finds common ground between different texts of the writer. The author of the article refers to the practices of ‘Moscow conceptualism’ and outlines the connection between this tactics and Pelevin.

Chinese loanwords in the novel Blue Lard by Vladimir Sorokin

The article discusses the Chinese loanwords that appear in the novel Blue Lard by Vladimir Sorokin. The novel contains an allegory of the Russian language of the future. Most of the neologisms created by Sorokin in Blue Lard come from foreign words, including an abundance of Chinese loanwords. The author of the article analyzes the Chinese loanwords from the point of view of phonetics and semantics, points out the mistakes in pronunciation in the novel, when Sorokin uses Chinese words or expressions.