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On the Phenomenon of Phonetic Interference as a Result of Bilingualism in the Territorial Variant of Texan English (Based on the Recordings of Texan Spanish-Speaking People’s Songs)

This article studies some phonetic features of the territorial variant of Texan English which are caused by the bilingual situation developing in Texas under the influence of Hispanic variant of Spanish. The examples of words with specific vowels and consonant changes are given in the article.

Contrast Functioning in Political Discourse Depending on Non-subject Extra-linguistic Factors

The realization of different kinds of contrast and its dependence on non-subject extra-linguistic factors are studied on the basis of famous politicians’ speeches. Three stable statistical dependencies between the functioning of contrast and extra-linguistic factors of space, social activity and the history of society are distinguished. It has been established that the change in quantitative parameters of the latter is inversely related to the complexity of contrast-containing sentences.