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прецедентный текст

Literary and Non-fiction Precedent Phenomena in Contemporary Slang

The article deals with the analysis of the part that precedent phenomena play in the formation of the contemporary Russian slang. Main thematic text groups frequently used by the slang-speakers in communication are discovered. The functions of the precedent phenomena under study are determined.

Bible Text as a Generator of Precedence: The Book of Jonah

The article considers the issues related to the text of the Bible as a precedent phenomenon in the Russian and European literature on the example of the Book of Jonah and its key concepts.

To the Story of Anna Karenina. Parody as a Precedent Text

It is generally known that the novel of Leo Tolstoy Anna Karenina is connected with the unfinished work of Mikhail Saltykov Blagonamerennaya povest’ (The loyal story), which was dedicated to the criticism of ‘natural’ motivation of human’s social life. However, already in 1863 Saltykov published a text which looked like a parody of a typical Leo Tolstoy hero portrait and like a precedent text with regard to the portrait of Anna Karenina.

Peculiarities of Precedent Names Functioning in Student Speech as Symbols of the Precedent Texts and Precedent Situations

The article considers instances of precedent phenomena in students’ speech. There is a special focus on the analysis of communicative situations in which the precedent name is a means of verbalization of the precedent text and precedent situation. It is attempted to elicit the mechanism of actualizing precedent knowledge stored in the cognitive database of the representatives of one linguistic and cultural society.