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Stereotyping of the image of Gerhard Schröder in the German political discourse

The article studies the language representation of stereotypes on the material of statements about the political views and actions of the ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schröder concerning the Russia-Ukraine conflict published in Spiegel Online (the first half of 2022). The significance of this work is determined by the relevance of research of stereotypes as a tool for designing and transferring opinions that helps the politicians to form the public attitude to people and events of importance.

Pragmatic Aspects of Political Media Discourse

The article is devoted to the analysis of the pragmatic aspects of the English political media discourse. Pragmatic approach to the political media discourse takes into account all the aspects of communication including both linguistic and extra-linguistic units, and provides efficient tools for affecting an addressee.

Stereotyping of Russian Politicians in German Media Discourse

The article deals with the problem of language representation of stereotypes on the example of German mass media, featuring the election campaign in Russia in 2018. It has been confirmed that simplification and generalization play a significant role in forming the images of the Russian politicians in German mass media. Some characteristics of stereotypes about Russian political figures are revealed, linguistic means of their representation are described.