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P. A. Katenin and A. F. Pisemsky. Continuity and Polemic

Timashova Olga V., Saratov State University

The article considers A. F. Pisemsky’s continuing classicist tradition represented by P. A. Katenin and overcoming it in the course of developing his unique writer’s and playwright’s poetic language on the model of a specific drama technique (deus ex machina). It has been established that Pisemsky reconsidered the key figure of classicist theatre from different perspectives: gender, age, space and time, but first and foremost from moral and didactic point of view. Image criticism and the means of conflict resolution are predetermined by the genre peculiarity (comedy, drama, small prose), by Pisemsky sharing the programme of the ‘young editorial board’ of the Journal Moskvityanin, and also by the ideology of the writer: by his being convinced of the inalterability of the innate personality traits, by religious providentialism.


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