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Novikova Natalya Vladislavovna, Saratov State University

The article examines the evolution of Chernyshevsky's ideas about the hero of Gogol's "Overcoat" (from the apologetics of the humanistic feeling to the "one who needs protection", to the denial of his right to sympathy, to the utterance of "unprofitable truth" about him) in order to show the relapse of such an interpretation of a small man in the domestic czech.


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reference. M., 1973. P. 416. Further quoted from this
The publication with the pages in the text.
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indicating the pages in the text.
3 In passing, we note that a number of such writers, along with Gri-
Turgenev is placed in the town, of which Belinsky
said that he "went to the people from such a point, from what up to
no one has come to him yet "(Belinsky, VG Sight
on the Russian literature of 1847. Article Two // Belin-
sk. V.G. Coll. Op.: In 3 vol. M., 1948. T. 3. S. S. 832). Apparently,
Chernyshevsky, putting the "Notes of the Hunter" on one pre-
sku with "Overcoat", meant again idealization,
only of a different kind than in the case of Akaky Akakievich,
- when "they portrayed us commoners as such
native, sublime, virtuous, meek and
smart, patient, and energetic that remained
Only to be touched by the descriptions of their interesting pre-
Saints and shed tender tears of trouble,
to which other such sweet creatures were subjected, and
were always subjected to no fault or even cause