Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Z. I. Grzhebin

Z. I. Grzhebin and the Literary-artistic Almanacs of Shipovnik (dog-rose) Publishing House

The article presents an attempt to define the role of Z. I. Grzhebin in a pre-revolutionary publishing company – the Literary-Artistic Almanacs of Shipovnik Publishing House (1907-1917) in order to determine his contribution as the company’s founder and co-owner, and to find out certain relationships with Shipovnik’s staff.

Fedor Sologub and «Shipovnik» (Rose-Tree) (his Relationships with the Editorial Board)

In the article the relationships between the Shipovnik Almanac publishing house owners and editors (S. Yu. Kopelman, Z. I. Grzhebin, B. Zaytsev, L. Andreev) and the writer F. Sologub are considered. The history of the publication of the novel «Nav’s Charms» in the Almanac Shipovnik is traced taking into account literary reviews to its publication.