verbs of movement

Word-formation Family as a Means of Actualizing the Concept of Movement (on the material of the Old Russian families with the roots -id-, -khod-, -shed-)

The article presents semantic analysis of the derivatives of Old Russian root families of the movement verbs. Groups of words with the roots -id-, -khod-, -shed-, which constituted the core of the Russian concept of movement in the XI–XIVth centuries, are singled out according to different aspects of movement – direction, way, goal, environment.

The Dynamics of the Semantic and Word-formation Subsystems: the Word-family with the Stem -ид- (go) in the XI–XVIIth Centuries

The article traces the dynamics of how the word-formation family of words of the movement verb go was formed during seven centuries; characteristic features of its evolution are identified. The most typical word-formation models for the verb word-family are singled out, as well as exceptional word-formation models; the author researches the morphological content of the word-family, semantics of the derivatives and their genre and stylistic peculiarities.