From The Wandering Jew to Ahasver: Eugène Sue’s Novel in Russian Translations

The article deals with Russian translations of the famous novel The Wandering Jew (1844) by the French writer Eugène Sue, performed at different times. The brief characteristics of translators are considered. The comparative analysis of translations in the conceptual and cultural context of its era is carried out. The printing features of individual publications are characterized.

Liturgical Formulas in the Titles of Vyacheslav Ivanov’s Poems

The article deals with the symbolist strategy of naming Vyacheslav Ivanov’s poetic texts. The analysis of his poems with the titles including liturgical formulas confirms the deliberateness of the liturgical discourse created by the author to solve religious and aesthetic problems.


K. D. Balmont’s Sonnets of Sun, Honey and Moon: the Title Poetics and the Book Structure

The article analyzes the title poetics and the structure of the poetry book by K. D. Balmont Sonnets of Sun, Honey and Moon (1917) as a book of sonnets, a book of symbols, a ‘chamber’ book.