the Russian language

Vocabulary of secondary dialects of the Middle Volga Region in statics and dynamics

The article deals with the dialectal vocabulary of Russian dialects on the territory of the Middle Volga region. The author relies on new materials collected in the regional atlas and dictionary. The article provides the facts that the sources reflect the uneven development of dialect lexical systems, in which, on the one hand, under the influence of standardization and inter-dialectal contact, new words appear and, on the other hand, archaisms are preserved.

Contrastive Analysis of the Term Metonymy in the Sphere of Fixation (on the Material of the Russian and German Languages)

The article considers definitions of the term metonymy as a part of the term system of means of stylistic expressiveness on the material of the German and Russian languages. The present research focuses on the necessity of using linguistic methods of describing this section of rhetoric. The author suggests describing the term of this section of rhetoric as a unit of logos. The method of lexical and notional groups is chosen as a way of description.

Semantic Field «Food» as a Means of Russian Idiom Formation

The article analyzes Russian idioms comprising the members of the semantic field «Food». The frequency of occurrence of different field members is identified as a source of idiom formation. The role of these idioms in representing the Russian linguistic picture of the world is determined.